Screen Flickering Windows 10, 7? Solutions (WITH PICTURES)

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FB IMG 15458252513118328

Majority of users of Windows 10, 7 have not experienced any such large-scale problems after its installation that may make work on the laptop or desktop difficult. But some people have reported that the installation of this operating system has led to the flickering of the screen that may because due to incompatible applications or display drivers. But the main point to be taken into consideration is that an operating system that runs on millions of hardware configurations is a very complex task and some PCs may run into picking up a problem with this installation.

The first and foremost thing is to find out what exactly is causing this problem of a flickering screen. For this, open the Task Manager by clicking right on the taskbar and pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys together on the keyboard. Pay attention to the screen and see if the task manager flickers. If everything on the screen, but the Task Manager, flashes then the problem is with an inconsistent application. And if the screen and the Task Manager flicker together, then there is a high chance of having a problem with the graphics driver, so now how to fix screen flickering windows 10, 7.

Here Are 5 Simple Steps To Fix Screen Flickering Windows 10, 7

1. Update The Display Drivers Of Your Pc:

The display driver can be updated either manually or automatically. But since many will opt the automatic way for its exact and fast results, here is a step by step guide as to how to go for it. The steps are the following:

● Download and install Driver Easy with its free or Pro-Version.
● Run driver easy and click on the option Scan now. This will make your computer get scanned by Driver Easy and detect the presence of any problematic drivers.
● Next step is to click on the Update button which is placed next to a flagged graphics driver in order to download the correct and best version of this driver automatically. This step will help you to install the Driver Easy also OR manually
● Click on the Update All button to automate the download and install the correct version of all the drivers that are found to be missing or out of date with the PC. This step may require the Pro Version that you will be told to click on when you Update All.
● Finally, restart the computer to see whether the flickering problem is resolved.

2. Disable Hardware Acceleration:

Hardware acceleration has also been found as one of the causes of a flickering screen. This will not allow the monitor to handle the performance of the graphics hardware. Especially if you face a flickering screen problem while using Google Chrome, immediately disable its hardware acceleration for the right screen display. The following steps can also be followed to stop flickering screen by disabling the hardware acceleration:
● Press the Windows logo +R key in your keyboard simultaneously to start the run command.

windows 10 desktop keeps refreshing● Type control panel in the run box and click on OK to open the control panel window.

monitor flashing on and off● In the option of Large Icons View, click on Display
● On the left pane, click on Change Display Settings
● Click on Advanced Settings. Here if you see the troubleshooting tab present, then the graphics card supports hardware acceleration.
● Click on the Troubleshooting tab and then on the Change Settings button. If you see the button having a grey out on your side, then you cannot change the setting. So skip this method and try the next method of solving the flickering screen issue. If this button has no grey side, follow the next step
● Adjust the slide by dragging it to the extreme left to disable and then click on OK.
● Click OK and then restart your computer to see whether the problem of the flickering screen has stopped or not.
To stop the hardware acceleration in Google Chrome, follow these steps:
● Open Google Chrome
● Click on the Customize and control Google Chrome option or the three vertical dots at the right corner of the toolbar.

computer screen blinking on and off● Click on Settings
● Click on Advanced or Show Advanced Settings
● Disable the option Use Hardware Acceleration When Available

windows 10 taskbar flickering● Re-launch the Google Chrome browser to check whether the problem persists.

3. Disable Third-Party Anti-Virus Application Temporarily:

Temporarily disable the antivirus of the computer to check whether the screen flickering windows 10, 7 has stopped or not. You can go through the anti-virus documentation for getting the disabling instructions. If the problem gets resolved by following this step, contact the vendor from whom you have taken the anti-virus software asking them to reinstall it with a new anti-virus solution. But unless new anti-virus software is being installed, be very careful about the sites, files and emails you will be opening and visiting.

4. Use A High Monitor Refresh Rate:

To avail this option for getting rid of the flickering screen on windows 10, follow these steps:
● On the blank space of your desktop, right click and select Display settings.
● Click on Advanced Display Settings
● Under the option Related Settings, click on Display adapter Properties.
● Click on the Monitor tab and choose a screen refresh rate and then the OK button. Try going for 80-hertz refresh screen rate.

5. Update Some Apps:

There are some apps like Norton AV, iCloud and IDT Audio that lead to a constant problem of screen flickering in windows 10. If you have any of these installed in your PC, update them by contacting their manufacturer to fix the problem.

6. Take The Computer Tt An Open Space:

Sometimes, screen flickering windows 10, 7 can happen due to magnetic field vibrations occurring around your PC. Shift your computer to a space where such devices are away from your PC. This may work in fixing the problem of the flickering screen in windows 10.

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These methods will help you to overcome the problem of screen flickering windows 10 making you work with ease and comfort.


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