Best Duplicate File Finder 2019 (TOP 10 EASIEST TOOLS)

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Desktops and laptops have unwanted files and documents which consume a large memory on the device. It is necessary to remove these unwanted files, folders, and documents from the device to protect it from virus and malware. Quite often, the duplicate files can damage the desktops and laptops and also stop you from saving many important documents on your device. This is where duplicate file finder software’s come into the picture. There are some of the best duplicate file finder 2019 for Windows 10 which will search all the duplicate files on your system and delete them forever thereby making space for other files and folders. Let us have a glance at some of the top-notch duplicate file finder for Windows 10.

Best Duplicate File Finder 2019 For Windows:

1. Dupscout

DupscoutOne of the most robust duplicate file finders for Windows 10, Dupscout is something which will give you a clean system. It finds instantly all the duplicate and unnecessary files and folders in network shares, enterprise storage system and local disks and removes them permanently. It also assists you to move one file or folder from one disk to another, save files or to replace duplicate files with links. Dupscout also fixes many bugs and also helps in improving properties dialog.

2. Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Duplicate Cleaner Pro

The next one of the list is Duplicate Cleaner Pro. It is a good duplicate file finder for the device. It has a nice user-interface which will help you in finding all the unnecessary files on your desktops or laptops. It searches the files within few minutes and eliminates them from your devices forever thus improving the performance of your system. Duplicate Cleaner Pro is one of the safest and easiest tools to remove all those large sized files which jam your devices.

3. CCleaner


CCleaner is the latest tool not only for removing duplicate files and folders but also for cleaning the system completely. It keeps your desktops and laptops secure and safe from malware or virus. Further, it also cleans up all the unwanted files and folders which interrupt in the working of the system and increases the speed too. You just have to click a few times for cleaning your entire system within a few seconds. More than millions of users have downloaded CCleaner on their system for better results.

4. CloneSpy


CloneSpy is one of the best duplicate file finder for Windows 10 which you can download on your system. It is a speedy tool which finds all the duplicate files within some minutes and cleans the device fully. It scans the system and gives you the results of the duplicate file finders. Further, CloneSpy also searches for the files which are empty and eat memory unnecessarily. It also has an option of Help to get some assistance in the scanning process.

5. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

The next on the list is one of the best duplicate file finder for Windows 10 which you can consider for your system. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder has easy user-interface by which you can find various files, folders, and documents which consume more memory on the device. It includes preview pane which will show you the type of files you are deleting such as image or video. It has default settings by which it finds audio files, images, archives and video files.

6. Fast Duplicate File Finder

Fast Duplicate File Finder

If you want to find duplicate files and folders faster, this tool is of great help. It will quickly start a search of all the same files, folders and documents on your system and remove them completely. It comes with a binary comparison algorithm for better performance. This is the good duplicate file finder which you can use for Windows 10. It also consists of the internal preview which supports various file formats such as videos, music, and images.

7. SearchMyFiles

SearchMyFilesSearchMyFiles can be included on the list of best duplicate file finder for Windows 10. It has a filter option which finds the created or modified files. It is an effective and safe option for both desktops and laptops. It has a search dialog box which will find the various files and folders which are not important on the system. It will show you the files in different groups which make it easy for you to choose the ones you want to remove.

8. Anti-Duplicate

Anti-DuplicateAnti-duplicate protects your device from hacking and virus, malware or Trojans. It will help in creating USB hardware keys on dongles or software protection tokens from USB memory sticks or pen drives. It stops the illegal copying on your system. While formatting AntiDuplicate drive, none of the identification information is lost. This tool also helps you in converting the demo version of any application into the commercial version. It also comes with the feature of internal optimization.

9. Advanced Duplicates Finder

Advanced Duplicates Finder

With nice user-interface, Advanced Duplicates Finder is one of the best duplicate file finder 2019 for Windows 10. It finds, identifies and removes the duplicate files, folders, and documents within few seconds. It also searches the void files which are hidden inside the drive. It finds the similar files and images on your device and deletes them permanently. You can easily move the files from one place to another place. It will make your system clean from unwanted stuff.

10. Clone Cleaner

The last one on the list is Clone Cleaner. It is a good duplicate file finder for Windows 10. It improves the performance of the system by removing unnecessary files and folders. It will search easily the same files and images and you can also shift them from one location to other.

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This is the list of the best duplicate file finder 2019 for Windows 10. They eliminate all the unwanted files, images, videos, audios, pictures, and other folders easily in no time. It will further clean your system completely by increasing its speed.

You can easily download these tools on Windows 10 for making your system better and smoother.


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