How To Record On Snapchat Without Holding The Button & (6 NEW TRICKS)

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Snapchat, a multimedia and social messaging app created and owned by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. It had initially released in September 2011. It allows you instant messaging, photo sharing, video recording, and multimedia. It’s available for both platforms Android and iOS. It is available in 22 languages globally. However, there is one consequence of it that you have to press and hold the “Record” to record your videos on Snapchat. It’s something like its limitations. However, today in this post you are going to learn, how to record on Snapchat without holding the button.

However, here is the deal, Read the whole post!

Because on Snapchat pictures and messages are only available for a short period. After that, it becomes inaccessible to the users. Snapchat generally evolved for short stories content available for 24 hours.

You can download it on here.

Well, increasing demand for Snapchat requires many numbers of features and multimedia things, so Snapchat is consistently updating day by day with lots of interesting, funny and engaging features in it.

Today we are going to learn some exciting features, and cool hacks about Snapchat so keep reading!

What if I ask you how much did you know? About how to record Snapchat without hands or how do you record on Snapchat without holding the button. Sounds interesting right?

Then pay close attention to our step by step guide to know How to use Snapchat without hands or some cool hacks and interesting tricks about Snapchat. The way more you read, the way more you get!

How To Record On Snapchat Without Holding The Button:

As we all know that to click snaps or videos on Snapchat, we would have to keep any of our hand fingers on the screen in circle “Record” button to record our snaps. However, did you know? That you can also click your snaps without your hands by just understanding and applying some simple and tricks to it.

Here is the deal. Listen carefully! I don’t know how much you are familiar with your device functions and specifications. But

Your device has a unique feature named Accessibility. Perhaps you don’t know about that, but this is the very function of your device that makes you able to know that how to record on Snapchat without holding the button.No problem, it doesn’t matter that which device and operating system you have whether it is Android or iOS. Accessibility feature is available for both operating systems.

How to record on Snapchat without holding the buttonIn fact, Accessibility feature in smartphones allows users to use their device in disabilities range when they are unable to operate their devices during some straitened circumstances as driving with one or both hands, carrying items in one or both sides of ha and use their device in low beams and using their devices in full noise environment, and much more.

It also allows users to modify the accessibility settings to customize their device for better performance and smartphones app experience.

hands free Snapchat androidSome convenient and helpful accessibility features are keyboard customization, text modifying and increasing or decreasing volume, and more. You can implement these features by main available web browsers or by the standard inbuilt features by the device itself. Besides it, accessibility includes some additional and standard inbuilt tools to improve it consistently by itself.

So now we are learning how to record Snapchat without hands on both operating systems Android and iOS. Keep reading!

Hands-Free Snapchat iPhone:

As you probably know that sometimes user can’t record video from one hand although one can take a snap by volume buttons due to the inbuilt feature of smartphones. However, to record videos, it doesn’t work, and problems would arise in front of you.

So here you are going to learn how do you record on Snapchat without holding the button on iPhone or use your hands-free Snapchat iPhone.Just follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Firstly go to “Settings” in your iPhone then click “General.”

Step 2. Then in “General Settings” find “Accessibility.”

Step 3. Now in “Accessibility,” there would be an “Interaction” section. Under it, you would find “Assistive touch” tab and make sure to turn it on by sliding its radio button.

hands free Snapchat iPhone

Step 4. After turning on “Assistive touch” click on “Create New Gesture” and it would ask you to enter in new gesture by only click ok, yes or continue (depending upon your smartphone) to come in new gesture. Make sure to hold the screen until the blue bar would not finish. Then renamed the new gesture and remembered its name or save its name somewhere in your device notepad to use later.

Step 5. When you create a new gesture, then there must be a little transparent grey colored round in square icon somewhere on your device screen. Did you saw it? Great!

Step 6. Now all ready to go, open the Snapchat app to record your classic video. Tap on the icon which you just created for assistive touch. Click on “Custom” star icon and select the created gesture then you would see a new small black rounded circle somewhere on your device screen. Just drag it over the “Record” button and boom your hands are free now, and you would see that it automatically press the “Record” button and hold it by itself for you. Now you can record your video on Snapchat without your hands.

Hands-Free Snapchat Android:

No doubt, as iOs Snapchat users there are tons of Android Snapchat users too around the world and they have the same problem too that how to record Snapchat without hands on Android or hands-free Snapchat Android. Don’t worry we also do have a solution for them.

For your kind information, we told you that as iOs “Assistive touch” feature isn’t available in Android.

So we have a simple and clear solution for them. Follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Take a thin and tight rubber band and trigger it to your Android device by wrapping it around the “Volume Up” button to record your Snapchat video without using your hands and without holding it consistently.

Step 2. Now open the Snapchat app and make sure to escape “Power button” from a rubber band and it must cover just the “Volume Up” button of your device nor “Volume down button” too otherwise it shuts down your device, or it would not work for you.

Step 3. Now only have to press “Volume Up” button some little bit tighter to adjust it by the rubber band which you wrapped around your device to record your video and Yes! You would see that the rubber band itself press and hold “Volume Up” button for you.

Now I think you can know how to record on Snapchat without holding the button at all.

Note: Sometimes some users are unable to record videos via Snapchat on Android, and it generally shows some error that “Could not connect Camera” It is a very disappointing moment for any user especially when they have extraordinary skills of Bond like they know how to use Snapchat without hands. Also, the user becomes helpless in this situation. However, don’t worry you can try some way tricks we covered below to solve this issue for you.

  1. By “Restarting” Snapchat app.
  1. By “Restarting” device Camera app.
  1. By “Restarting” your Android device.
  1. Try “Uninstall” and “Reinstall” the Snapchat app.
  1. Go to “Camera Settings” and disable “Geotagging” option.
  1. Try Snapchat “Beta” version.
  1. Also, you can boot your device in recovery mode and clear all cache and temporary memory.
  1. In the case of “Google Camera” app, Uninstall it and try to use the “Stock Camera” app instead of using it. Besides it, if any of these solutions do not work for you then please kindly “Factory Reset” your device and “Reinstall” all the apps including Snapchat.

How To Get More Snapchat Lenses:

how to get more Snapchat lenses

As I already told you above that how to record on  Snapchat without holding the button now move on to the next term. Now Snapchat is a well known engaging platform for its best interactive lenses that add interactive elements to photos and videos.

Also, Snapchat recently added features TODAY to their Snaps.

Did you know? That now anyone also can make his Face lens in Snapchat Lens Studio.

Also, there is so much fun to unlock the hidden Snapchat’s lenses and filters for beating everyone in their first selfie snap on your phone.

To get it on your phone follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Find Snapcodes and Snap Links.

Step 2. Open any Snapcode or Snaplink in your Snapchat app.

Step 3. Unlock the hidden Snap Filters or Snap Links.

Step 4. Try different Snap Filters or lenses and enjoy it.

Want to get The interactive lens on your desktop or laptop computer.

Lens Studio is a free Snapchat’s desktop app available for anyone to design and build their own interactive and creative Snapchat Lenses.

Perhaps! You might get shocked to know that more than 30% of daily Snapchat users play with their different lenses every day, means averaged more than 3 minutes each by every individual per day. It might be best for kids too by which they can learn to code to apply their new skills. Now once you make it, you’ll also get a unique Snapcode to share your creativity to anyone to see and use it in their Snapchat via unlocking it.

Along with it as you share your Snapcode, you also can unlock other people Snapcode to use or to get an idea for creating yourself. By only merely open your Snapchat app on your device. Scan the Snapcode image via your Snapchat camera. Remember to press and hold your thumb or any finger over the Snapcode until a pop-up box isn’t appeared to unlock the lens in it.

Some Handy And Famous Snapchat Lenses Are:

  1. Face Paint: One can create a lens on his/her visual face via makeup, costumes, and other accessories.
  1. Baseball Cap: One can create some simple adjustments to the 3D baseball cap via changing its color, brim style and can also add an image to make its own.
  1. Photo: This template is very close to Face Paint, but it requires a creator to have a single, head photo for their face creation.
  1. Distort: Anyone can stretch its face in any direction, and make your eyes bulge and more in any way to deliver a wet new look to your snappers.
  1. Trigger: One can create experiences based upon face movements like raising your eyebrows, blinking, opening/closing your mouth, and smile with 3d experience.
  1. 2D Objects: One can attach 2D images to his/her head with 2D experience or can apply other creativity in it.
  1. 3D Objects: One can attach 3d objects to his/her face or on multiple fronts. For various faces, the 3D objects can be the same or different for each look.
  1. Snappables: One can fight with aliens and play bands with friends to create, compete and lead up in this particular type of lens.

Fun Things To Do On Snapchat:

I don’t think so that only knowing some cool hacks like how to record on Snapchat without holding the button and how to get more Snapchat lenses are enough to show off. So there are lots of more funny things and many funny Snapchat ideas too lol others.

  1. Take ugly selfies of your face and wrap it up with lenses.
  1. You can get your pets involved in your snaps.
  1. Go with nuts emojis and Bitmojis.
  1. One can tell stories in a Snap Forms.
  1. Inspiring photo with funny captions.
  1. Cover your face with random funny objects.
  1. Snap what you are watching and reading.
  1. Snap your drawing skills.
  1. One can change numbers of their best friends displayed on it.
  1. You can tap to get your stories to go through via Snapchat.
  1. You can replay you all Snaps and enjoy.
  1. By changing the rear camera to front camera.
  1. By turning on Front Facing Flash.
  1. One can apply different saturated filters like black, white and sepia saturated filters.
  1. By applying Speed filters on your Snap.
  1. By applying Temperature filters on your Snap.
  1. One can apply Time filters on their Snap.
  1. By applying more fun filters like Geolocation.
  1. By using Special text in your Snaps.
  1. By drawing with some dark colors.

Now with knowing extraordinary bond skills like how to use Snapchat without hands also you have a long list of fun things to do on Snapchat.

How To Record Longer Videos On Snapchat:

how to record longer videos on Snapchat

Snapchat now allows you to record 60 seconds long snap videos. Firstly it was approved for users to use it just for 10 seconds.

Snapchat recently added multi-snap recording feature to Android after several months featuring it in the iOS. To record long snap videos. You only have to tap on “Record” button and hold it on till 60 seconds.

Although you have already know how to record on Snapchat without holding the button. Though it would play as before it was, but now Snapchat splits it into 10-10 seconds segments of storylines, which would appear in small windows just above the right side of “Record” button on the screen.

Besides it, You also can edit these individually or all in one time and even delete some.

Practically, if you see, it doesn’t make sense to edit some sections differently to others or delete it and get rid of some; as a result, the resulting clip becomes very strange.

Firstly, Multi-Snap feature had first introduced in July, but then now it was only available to iOS users. After featuring it in iOS for several months now it is possible for Android users too.

Now It is so much useful functionality, which let allows users to capture and record a lot more action with Snapchat.

Multi-Snap feature would be a turning point for Snapchat because it can bring more people on Snapchat from Instagram Stories.

Which let you record just a 15 seconds footage of maximum.

Stories have already launched on Instagram ago, and it was a hit boom for Instagram which attracts millions of daily users. However, Snapchat is also growing fastly and gaining a ton of users, after creating the stories feature in the first place of Snapchat.

Snapchat Music In The Background:

Snapchat music in background

The Story without music sound pretty dull right?

However, using music in the background can make your video snaps and stories more creative, engaging and attractive. It can get a lot more fun and entertainment for you and all your friends to watch and enjoy it.

Firstly In the past, background music integration into Snapchat videos was not possible, and it was like faded stories to record and watch on Snapchat.

As I told you that before it was so much complicated and annoying because the user could neither upload pre-recorded videos (still you can’t ) or use third-party apps nor embed music in the real time of snap recording.

However, now the problems busted, Snapchat has known ago that users want music in their snaps or their video recordings, so they took an instant update for their app which eventually made it possible to play music or integrate it in the background as video messages would record on your device.

It’s pretty simple as ever made, You only need to follow the simple and easy steps below.

  1. Just open your favorite music app and play any track or music you want to play. No matter whether it’s iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud or any other app as long as it plays music on your device, you can use it and embed into your Snapchat videos.
    fun things to do on Snapchat
  1. After playing your favorite track or music in your device, you only need to open up your Snapchat app with only when the music still playing on your device in your music app and now you can record your video message. Just navigate to the camera tab and hold the “Record” button to record your video message. It would record automatically all the music your device is playing at the real-time.
  1. However, make sure before sending or posting it to anyone, quickly move or navigate away from your Snapchat app without closing it entirely so that you can pause or stop your music from music app and then go back to your Snapchat app from recent apps to watch/listen your video preview. After you’ve recorded your video, now you can either go ahead or also post it, and you too can check out your video preview first. But there you will probably need to stop the music which is still playing in your music app first, which can make an awkward stuff as you try to get out of Snapchat from recent app just open up your music app to hit stop or pause and then quickly get back into your Snapchat app as soon as possible. If you don’t do it quickly, then your video preview would be erased if you don’t want it to delete by Snapchat. Then you have to get back in your Snapchat app as fast as you can.
  1. However, nowadays almost all snap chat lenses have inbuilt integrated music system feature which makes your music integration effort in your snaps super easy. There you would find all your required materials in a single Snapchat lense.

Final Words: I hope you find this post worthy and enjoy it. Now you have fully learned about Snapchat that how to record on Snapchat without holding the button, how to get more Snapchat lenses, fun things to do on Snapchat, how to record longer videos on Snapchat and Snapchat music in the background, and much more. If you still have any questions or queries regarding Snapchat then let me know in the comments section asap. I would try my best to resolve your issue as fast as I can.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Thank you for your visit.

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