How To Increase Download Speed On Steam, Pc, Phone (WITH PICS)

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How To Increase Download Speed On Steam:

how to increase download speed on steamSteam is a digitally powered most popular gaming platform worldwide for pc gaming. Valve Corporation developed it for purchasing and playing games across it here you will learn how to increase download speed on steam.

However, just got Steam in your pc isn’t enough, you have to download games too in it to play games. Moreover, sometimes it is so much annoying when your downloads speeds suck so much. So today we would know how to increase download speed on Steam or how to speed up downloads on steam.

So that you can troubleshoot your slow downloading speed problem on Steam and can enjoy your gaming without any stuck in your entertainment, So keep reading.

To know how to increase download speed on Steam, first of all, let me clear some miss concepts of you, so here we are, You always might think that your actual internet speed and your downloading speed on steam are similar or equivalent to each other right? However, that’s not entirely true. Let me busted the myth, Read carefully.

Did you know? That internet and any others network connections speeds have been measuring in bits per second or Kilobits per second (Kbps). However, file downloads like downloading on Steam has measured in bytes per second or Kilobytes (KBps). So there is much difference to understanding. The term byte is a group of 8 bits. As well as for Mbps stands for Megabits per second and MBps stands for Megabytes per second.

So not always getting more speed by your Internet service provider (ISP) but showing less on downloading on steam is not slow always. Speed showing by internet are in kilobits, but on Steam, speed has been measuring in kilobytes more big term than kilobit. Now the myth busted, and you can know your actual downloading speed on steam by just multiplying by 8 to the speed you got by your internet connection.

Now you have able to see exact and clear speed data and if you still feel that something is going wrong and you got low downloading speed on steam then now you are going to learn next that how to increase download speed on steam. Follow the instructions below.

1. By changing “Content Server Location.”

how to speed up downloads on steam

Steam uses server location to serve content according to your location means you get the steam content from the nearest “Steam Content Server” you have, and unfortunately sometimes steam considers wrong location and server to serve you due to some technical errors like using third-party tools like ESET and NOD32 or apps in your device. So you can check your nearest “Server” location and change it. As a result, you would able to get fast serving and downloading speed on Steam.

To change “Server Location.”

(i) Firstly start Steam.

how to speed up android phone internet

(ii) Go to the “Downloads” tab under the “Settings” section on Steam.

how to increase internet speed in android mobiles

(iii) Under “Downloads” section, Click on “Downloads Region” and choose the nearest server from your location. Also, you can try different servers to get the best speed if there are many servers available nearest to your location.

how to make mobile hotspot faster2. By installing SSD ( Solid State Drive) and installing steam on SSD to surf it faster. SSD is much faster than HDD (Hard Disk) which results in faster speed than HDD. You can quickly move your steam folder to SSD. which is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam by default to any other drive where you want to move it.

how to speed up downloads on pc

3. By closing all hogging and hanging programs which restrict the bandwidth. First, start Steam but close all your programs on the computer that are using your internet connection at the same time including web browsers, videos player, music and third-party apps or websites. If possible then “Shut down” the other computers too connected to your internet connection. Now once “Off” and “On” your internet connection from scratch and enjoy the fast downloading speed. Because now your whole internet connection is dominating only on Steam.

Download Speed Slow But Internet Fast:

It’s a day to day problem of all of us to face slow internet speed and getting worried about it, But again let me bust a myth for you that it’s not always true that the surfing speed of your internet not always match with downloading speed of your internet. It might be different in many ways.

Most of the users consider that web surfing speed and downloading speed are always the same, but I have already told you that what’s the truth about it. Let suppose your web surfing speed is 100 Mbps that doesn’t mean that your downloading speed would also be the same, and It might be different.

However, if you still feel that you are getting much slower speed from that what you have paid off so below, we cover some most favorable and latest technicals resolves of it. Now to know how to solve the issue of download speed slow but internet fast. Then make sure to read the whole guide.

1. Take a speed test of your internet speed to know the exact speed you are getting in real time and measure it to your plan, For what you are paid off. If you are not getting that speed for which you have paid then contact your current ISP ( Internet Service Provider) to update the connection or resolve your network issue.

download speed slow but internet fast

2. Find a new ISP (Internet Service Provider) which can give you fast internet connection speed to resolve your issue with more advanced cables refers to data transfer If your old provider isn’t able to cure it.

3. Before contact with your service provider. By checking your router and modem or rest it manually through “On” and “Off” them or replace it by a newer one. Also, you can check that all devices are getting slow internet or just your device then the problem isn’t on the internet connection probably in your device.

4. By using a new DNS server, DNS stands for Domain Name Server. Let suppose you typed something in your web browser “The Digital Wise” then your web browser uses something like DNS to convert this web address into system friendly machine language called IP address. Sometimes it happens that your web browser uses some wrong DNS so using a new DNS might speed up your internet connection speed by some milliseconds.

5. By optimizing web for better surfing or fast speed, You can optimize your favorite websites and pages by using HTML or light version of them. You can also set up your another browser of light version or HTML especially for this type of situation.

How To Make Internet Faster On The Phone:

As you have already know above about how to increase download speed on steam or how to speed up downloads on steam and solution of download speed slow but internet fast. Here we are going to cover how to make internet faster on the phone. Although your phones internet speed depends on various technical factors of your smartphone like a processor, network connection and many much more in it.

However, still, there are so many tips and tricks for you below. Which we cover below to make you able to know how to make internet faster on the phone, we would talk for both iOS and Android users, But here is the deal read the whole guide below to know about How to speed up android phone internet or how to increase internet speed in android mobiles.

1. Do “Reset” your phone’s network connection by sliding it to “Off” then again “On.” Besides it, you can also turn “On” airplane mode and again “Off” to “Reset” the phone’s internet connection.

2. Use Wifi connection instead of using the cellular phone network. If you have a WiFi connection, then it seems to see that WiFi connection are generally faster than phone’s cellular network in some cases.

3. By turning “Off” applications or tasks running in the background because all running apps or running tasks uses your phone’s processor to run and the faster internet speed require a faster and good processor to run smoothly and fastly on it. You can close all apps and tasks in Android from recent apps. However, in the case of iOS, you can close all background running apps and tasks by sliding them from below slider of the screen to upwards.

4. By installing performance enhancing apps to your phone, which would remove all clutters and duplicate files from your phone, like Clean Master, Du Speed Booster, Systweak Android Cleaner, Ram cleaner and many more. It cleans up your phone and frees your Ram to perform optimal results from users. Also, it scanned your whole device junk files to clear it to make your device performs better in all possible ways.

5. Using “Ad Blocker,” You can use any Adblocker on your phone to surf ad-free web sometimes Ad uses lots of space on the web which causes slow loading of a web page but finding a good ad blocker on Android is some difficult. Also, you shouldn’t block ads for so many different reasons. Like ads contains lots of useful and helpful resource for you and it ad blocker kills the publisher’s effort so it shouldn’t have done mostly, but at least it’s your personal decision to do or don’t do that so decide on your behalf to use it or not.

how to make internet faster on phone

1. By “Restart” your smartphone

2. By “Clearing” all cache and temporary memory of your smartphone.

3. By checking your network connection problems and make sure you have the best connection possible.

So these were some actionable tips to know how to speed up android phone Internet or how to increase internet speed in android mobiles. Also, all the actionable tips are the same for iOS users too. So now you have fully learned about how to increase download speed on steam and phones. Now we are going to learn how to make mobile hotspot faster.

How To Make Mobile Hotspot Faster:

After learning above for multiple things now, we are on something more exciting term that is a mobile hotspot. As you all know mobile hotspot is a wireless internet sharing feature, Nowadays available in all devices. Which you can use it someway and anywhere you want, but sometimes it happens that the speed of hotspot might become so annoying to the user.

So today we would also cover this topic. To know about how to make mobile hotspot faster, make sure to read the steps which we covered below.

1. First of all considering the best possible provider of your area or region is an essential thing in it which can’t avoid at all. Because different providers have different area ranges and their network lines, So choosing the best provider is a must.

2. Prefer USB or LAN cable rather than wireless surfing on your device, if you are using a single device on it. Because direct cable would put fewer efforts on the drain of your battery and gives your more fast data speed via it.

3. Use your data effectively and wisely, No matters that whether you have of unlimited data plan or not, But some functions or carrier bots can throttle your data and slows your data speed after reaching some data goals.

4. Keep your hotspot as near as possible to the device on which you are using your internet connection, as you know its wireless and via keeping it more closer to the device which is using internet on it sends more fast and stable signals to the user device. Make sure that there are no massive objects in between of hotspot and user device to restrict signals.

5. Also, you can try to boost your hotspot signal by changing the location of your hotspot.

6. You can also try to place it near the window or in any open space where cellular networks of hotspot could not restrict through someway.

7. Besides it, You also can use “Booster” to boost your hotspot signals.

8. You can even boost your hotspot signals through your car or in any systematic vehicle.

So these were the tactics which you can apply to boost your hotspot speed as possible it can. However, wait for more interesting tricks, and facts are waiting for you ahead. Stay tuned with us.

How To Speed Up Downloads On Pc:

As I already told you above about so many things in your day to day life. We have covered how to increase download speed on steam, phones and many more things about that so now we are going to learn how to speed up downloads on pc. Keep reading.

Again, first of all, we would talk about some facts related to the internet and would try to know the reality behind this term Internet Speed. So the very first thing you would have to do is test the actual speed you are getting. You can do speed test through various tools like Speed and after knowing the actual speed. Now you can understand that whether you are getting the speed for what you are paid off or not.

However, keep in a mind that the speed testing tools show you your internet connection speed in Mbps, not in MBps. Moreover, we have talked already about this term above. There is much difference between B (Capital B) of MBps and b (Small b) of Mbps. Generally, MBps refers to Megabytes per second and Mbps refers to Megabits per second. Moreover, as you too know that Byte is 8 times (8x) more significant term than bits because of 1 byte = 8 bits.

After being entirely sure about this now we are going to cover some key points by which you can increase your downloads speed.

1. You can try different modems/routers or change your old one to a newer one.

2. By scanning for viruses in your pc.

3. By checking On-System Interface.

4. Check your internet filters and others device which you have already connected.

5. By direct plug-in internet cable to the user’s device.

6. By shortening or changing the old cable to a newer one.

7. Update your Pc softwares regularly.

8. By doing best settings of your router and Isp’s.

After fixing issues on ISP and Pc’s level, there are lot more things to solve on browser’s level, and apps level so now we are going to cover how to increase download speed windows 10 or how to speed up internet windows 10 by following some simple and helpful tactics to your device. Stay tuned.

1. By changing your Internet bandwidth settings. Did you know that your windows always keeps approximately 20-25% of the internet connection for its Os and other stuff related to it?

(i) To change it click on “Windows key + R” or you can simply search it on your windows by simply typing “Run” in search to get run on Windows.

(ii) Then type “ gpedit.msc” in the opened search box and press “Ok.”

how to increase download speed windows 10

(iii) Now you would find some group policies there, and you would have to select “Computer Configuration” and click “Ok.”

(iv) Next, you need to go to “Administrative Templates” after it to “Network,” and atlast go to “QoS Packet Scheduler.” Once you reached there now click on “Limit Reversible Bandwidth.”

(v) Now there a new window would be opened in front of you, there you would have to select two options firstly choose “Enabled” and then choose bandwidth limit from 100 to 0.

(vi) After applying all these changes and filters make sure to click “Continue” or “Ok” to enjoy fast internet speed.

2. By Updating your Network Drivers.

3. By disabling LSO (Large Send Offload).

4. By disabling Windows Auto tuning Feature.

Not you can solve this issue about how to increase download speed windows 10 or how to speed up internet windows 10. Keep reading to learn more.

How To Make Chrome Download Faster or How To Speed Up Chrome Downloads:

As you all would probably know that Chrome is most the popular browser and extension too of Google itself for browsing web globally. Moreover, most of the people around the world are using Chrome for their different perceptions.

Moreover, no one in the world including you and me never wants our browser to be slower to load slowly and web pages on it. So now we are going to cover some key points by which you would able to know that how to make chrome download faster or how to speed up chrome downloads Keep reading.

1. First of all, you can clear your “Browsing History” and clear all “Record” on chrome, and you would see some speed changes on it because sometimes not always clearing “Browsing History” works well for all. So you can try this on your Chrome Browser.

how to make chrome download faster

2. To know how to speed up chrome downloads, you also can try this that type chrome://flags in the chrome address bar them to search for “Download,” and there would be an option in front of you after doing it to enable “Parallel Downloading.” Enable it and “Relaunch” the Chrome.

how to speed up chrome downloads

3. Click on the “Chrome Menu” (some three stack dots there in the Chrome browser toolbar). Now click on “Settings” and under settings click on “Show Advanced Settings.” Then click the box which is labeled as “Predict Network Actions” to improve the page load speed performance.

how to speed up internet windows 10

So these were some handy and helpful tactics which can help you in some ways.

Final words: I hope that you find this post worthy and helpful to you. Now you have fully learned about how to increase download speed on steam, Internet speed and how to improve internet and to download speed on multiple devices and it’s platforms. However, still, you have any queries regarding this then feel free to comment below asap. I would try my best to reply to you as fast as I can. Because all the latest and traditional tips and tricks can’t cover in a single article. So you can comment below with your problem.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Thank you for a visit.

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