Amazon confirms sale for 100+ Million Alexa Gadgets


Amazon has always been notoriously reluctant when it comes to sharing the market performance of Alexa. At best, you can know the vague boasts related to its devices being “most gifted”. Now, however, the e-commerce giant has been providing rather meaningful figures. Dave Limp from the company stated that more than 100 million devices equipped with Alexa have been sold as of now.

The company didn’t mention how many of these devices sold are its own or didn’t even break it down as per categories. However, the data states that plenty of consumers now have devices with Alexa enabled at their homes. Limp further added that all the Echo Dots have been sold out as of January. The statistics do not provide the complete picture for Alexa’s reach. It isn’t clear as to how many devices like this exist in any given household or the number of users that actually use this AI helper.

Just because some brought the Alexa enabled washing machine, does not point out to the fact that the users are giving commands to the same. Some users might be completely unaware of the fact that Alexa as an Amazon assistant could also be an option in their device. As of now, there are more than 28000 Alexa-based devices and there is a high possibility that some might have gone underused.

Additionally, there is a question of competition. It is hard for someone to measure the rivals such as Google Assistant, given the fact that many of the Android phones come with the Assistant already available. However, these aren’t created with a mind such as smart speakers. Unless Google provides its data on its own, it can be difficult to ascertain whether Alexa stands at a dominant position or has been facing a stiff challenge.

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During holidays, the sales record for Amazon Echo Dot exceeded the overall expectation. Near about 1 million people have signed up for receiving invites to purchase Echo Auto. It is a dash-mounted and Alexa-enabled device meant for cars. Alexa-enabled objects enjoy an advantage atop other companies that are yet perfecting the range of their smart speakers. Amazon has the capability to easily expand its overall lineup by bringing in the tailor-made skills in Alexa. Recently, the e-commerce giant revealed that number for people using Alexa on a daily basis and the ones that own various Echo devices has actually doubled for the year 2018.


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