Lunabyte and Twin Engine Labs merge to shape up RubyShore Software


Lunabyte and Twin Engine Labs have recently merged their individual business operations, intellectual property, and services in order to offer their whole new product line which brings in both Digital Media Management Services and Custom App Development under one umbrella.

RubyShore Software is a firm that caters its services for Social Media Management to the small business owners and websites. This also includes services such as customized WordPress Development, Custom Solutions for RFID-based Equipment Tracking, Interactions of Aging Software, as well as Mobile Application Development. All these services are meant for the business owners looking forward to pushing the individual operations towards modern age.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the same has been scheduled to start at 10 a.m. dated 9th January. This ceremony is to start at Regions Tower building by Downtown Shreveport. Keith Hanson, the CEO, and founder at Twin Engine Labs explained that both the company’s teams were functioning perfectly together prior to the news of the merger. As the news of the merger became official, the teams started showing their phenomenal creativity & excitement for the combined services. The company now proudly claims to be a part of easiest functioning firms in the Shreveport to collaborate with. The firm aids with all the digital & technological needs of business met all under a single roof accomplished by local staff.

The CEO and founder of Lunabyte, Randall Ache, mentioned that they wanted from quite some time to merge the teams & companies. This will help the company dedicate their efforts for something bigger than they are accomplishing currently.

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He also added that the merger brought several insights and skills to their table that didn’t exist previously. Both companies have dedicated talent for each other. This merger was the correct match from the beginning and now together they can offer something much more than just complete services for each customer.

Twin Engine Labs was founded in the year 2010 and gained notoriety very quickly just after receiving the worldwide recognition for their amazing storybook application. This application named “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” was concocted in an amazing collaboration with Oscar Winning firm or 3D Animation that goes by the name Moonbot Studios. During years that came after, the Twin Engine Labs paired with several services such as Symantec, Groupon, Cisco Networks, FibreBond, Red Ball Oxygen, Rimcor, and so on.


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