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Dating apps reported to spur 53+ crimes last year in Denver County

The traditional use of dating apps was to find a partner suited to your preferences for friendship, companionship, or similar ethical relationships. However, recent trends suggest that these dating apps have spurred out crimes in various places all across the globe. A recent analysis of police reports at Denver suggests that crime rate has increased from the use of dating apps in the county.

In the month of June, a Denver-based woman tried jumping out from the moving car which had her dating app partner on the driving seat. They were going to a coffee shop when they got in an argument. The man then drove off carrying along the belongings of the woman with the car.

A similar instance of crime was reported about 2 months earlier when a man got into “Intimate Relationship” with his a prospect partner whom he met over the Grindr application. The former man discovered that his date took off with his iPad and MacBook Pro while he went to the restroom. These incidents were confirmed by police records obtained from the Denver Police.

Dating apps like Bumble, Grindr, Hinge, and Tinder have been allowing the users to connect with each other via smartphones and thereby transforming the overall landscape for dating. Every 1 in 5 users between the age of 18 and 24 have been reported using these apps as confirmed by a survey conducted by Pew Research for the year 2016.

However, these apps aren’t just being used for dating purposes. Many criminals and predators use these apps to look for vulnerable candidates. Sgt, Bill Hummel from Aurora Police mentioned that this type of dating apps wasn’t existent years ago. But today, these are the mainstream requirement for the dating process. Dating has totally changed and so has the scenario enclosing this practice. This is why being safe along with protocols to keep oneself safe should change with time.

While many users for dating app such as Jake Sherlock, a 43-year-old user from Fort Collins provide sweet stories, the scenario is not always positive for everyone. Collins’ story started with Bumble date which resulted in him and his partner getting married about 11 months after.

In Denver, the police counted about 53 crimes where the suspect and victim met via the dating apps. Rape made up for 34 percent of these cases while harassment & fraud made up for 7 percent of the same.

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