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Major technological changes of the week affecting businesses

The past week brought along major changes in the world of technology-based business. It started with a ransomware attack that went on to cripple the major U.S. based newspapers. The strain of ransomware named Ryuk has been suspected to be the culprit behind this cyber attack which disrupted delivery and printing facilities at several of these major newspapers which included Los Angeles Times, Tribune Publishing, Chicago Tribune, Post-Tribune, Lake County News-Sun, Baltimore Sun, Hartford Courant, Carroll County Times, and Capital Gazette.

In another major change, the popular Windows 7 has now been surpassed in terms of popularity by Windows 10. According to surveys, December 2018 marked Windows 7 with 36.9 percent of total market share. On the other hand, Windows 10 rocked the ranks with 39.22 percent of the total operating system market share. This news comes just the year before Windows 7 extended support is deemed to be ended.

Now, the CES trade is the next big news in the list because Google’s presence at this show is going 3 times the previous one in 2018. Google has plans for the promotion of its software & hardware at this official stage while competing against Apple, Samsung, and Amazon. The company is now moving in an aggressive pattern to overtake the market with its AI-based Google Assistant which is similar to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

The fourth major change in the world of business technology is the entry of a 5G network in the market. Verizon Wireless recently launched world’s first and the latest 5G network during the October month at Sacramento, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and much of the U.S. Now, the next step in the process in the installation of 5G network based equipment. 5G services shall now be available near high-traffic based locations such as airports and stadiums before they become widely available across American cities.

MIT researchers have now nearly perfected process for printing of 3D glasses using the system called the G3DP2. This offers better control over hot material & final product. The company mentions that its latest AM platform designed for the molten glass now combines the digitally integrated 3-zone control system based on thermal power. The process also holds 4-axis based Motion-Control System that enables production capabilities that is industrial-scale. This will efficiently enhance the production rates paired with reliability and ensured accuracy.

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