Tech Companies today need MBA degree holders with tech expertise


B-School applicants that dream about entering tech industries are often ignorant of the stigma held against the MBA holders. The industry experts mentioned that there is a good justification for the same. Most tech industries and startups aren’t actually eager when it comes to hiring individuals possessing MBA degrees. This is because the startups are actually focused over fine-tuning technology behind their products with less concern over management issues such as marketing and finance.

David Cancel, Drift CEO and Co-Founder stated that it is difficult for the early startups to locate a position for an MBA degree holder. Additionally, the MBA holders won’t get much appreciation in firms like these as they can enjoy privileges elsewhere. However, as the companies grow with better ROI, the skills brought along by MBA holders can actually change the fate for such companies.

The executives at tech industries mention that MBA degree holders can get better jobs at firms that are well-established. Occipital Inc. Vice President Adam Rodnitzky said that he has noticed that when tech companies start growing, they start perceiving the need for MBA candidates. Tech companies do require much more than the product growth. However, at the initial stage, the concern is more about products as compared to marketing or advertising the same. Once the product is set for the market, business complexities become manifold which can quickly accelerate the requirement for experienced personnel like the MBA degree holders.

Many experienced candidates urge the MBA hopefuls aiming to become high-ranking officials at the tech sector to start with work experience acquired from tech industry followed by B-School degree. This aids MBA holders with a better chance to land a fulfilling job.

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While MBA isn’t a necessity for jobs as an engineer or programmer, the degree is an absolute necessity for being an asset in leadership roles for tech companies. One requires foundation from business institutes to set towards a strategic direction. This ensures that a company based on technology moves toward the best possible direction.

Experts mention that in the era with swift progress in technology, almost every industry has been reshaping itself. Today, there is a major requirement for the MBA grads that understand the way technology works. MBA grads that come with hands-on expertise in the technical field need to understand the fact that they hold valuable credentials. The firms today are in search of candidates that can adapt continuously with technology that is easily marketable.


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