Tech experts dub fading reality of VR at CES 2019


It was just some years back when the concept of virtual reality started as the uptake future to rule the world. However, after some decades of the close miss, this revolution now finally seems imminent as the slick headsets for the consumers are soon to hit market & industries stemming from the entertainment and gaming platform as well as social media channels.

However, the long-standing buzz over the VR has now faded to whispers. The recent CES 2019 event has brought along tech manufacturers from all corners of the world to showcase their pieces. This show in the city of Las Vegas this time doesn’t have Facebook’s Oculus Unit holding any of the glitzy PRs. This is just limited to closed-door tech demos for the upcoming gadget Oculus Quest. The device tagged at $399 is due to be out in the market by the spring season.

HTC recently announced 2 new headsets. However, one comes only with some sketchy details. Sony has a list of kiosks for the $300 PlayStation VR which is set in this event’s main hall. The scene today is way awry of the scene that one could see a few years back. This was when VR products acquired from Samsung, HTC, Sony, and Oculus seemed unstoppable and omnipresent at the CES. These days, the VR serves as a niche device for business training and gaming. The device has been held back due to clunky headsets that are expensive. Now, this comes with a pause on increase of interesting list of software as well as the technological shortcomings.

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J.P. Gownder, a Forrester analyst mentioned that VR hasn’t actually escaped early adopter and gamer-oriented segment. He also mentioned that many of the existing setups for VR are yet too hard to be used. Even the simpler systems for mobile such as Samsung Gear VR don’t actually offer a clear reason when it comes to an average Joe or non-gamer getting involved.

VR proponents today have still been dreaming big, even though challenges here remain formidable. The shipments for VR headsets increased by 8 percent during the 3rd quarter as compared to a previous year marked at 1.9 Million Units. This data was reported by a data research-based firm named International Data Corp.

However, numbers aren’t huge for technology which seemed to bring in promise for the year 2012. Yet, the early demonstrations for Oculus Rift actually wowed audiences.


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