Home Technology Less-popular apps serve as growth frontier for ISIS activities


Less-popular apps serve as growth frontier for ISIS activities

If you have a product that appeals to masses, it is highly likely that it will allure the terrorist groups such as ISIS. The ISIS has constantly exploited power from technology in order to fuel the rise of power around the world.

The platforms highly exploited by such malefactors include streaming services, file-sharing platforms, social media, messenger applications, and so on. Now, many of the tech companies responded to this breach in security by strengthening their security measures and oversight. While popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Telegram have been becoming more and more concerned about its security, these global malefactors have been growing their reach via lesser-known social media messengers and apps that have been designed for the gamers and business owners.

After a major territorial loss in Syria and Iraq, ISIS is now reconfiguring different ways to use technology in order to drive the coordination and recruitment efforts. As of now, ISIS used an encrypted messenger which is a platform named Telegram. This serves as the primary app meant for any kind of media releases by ISIS. While seeking new venues for dissemination of its content, this terrorist organization has tried multiple times to create blogs and web pages on services such as WordPress and Tumblr. Such platforms serve as a fitting place for the ISIS propaganda. Here, content can easily be transferred via Telegram to an organized and easily accessible layout.

Throughout the year 2018, the Amaq News Agency invested a significant effort in order to stay over these web pages & blogging platforms and implementing the Cloudflare that protects against the DDOS attacks. However, soon enough, these security efforts failed and the sites were removed or hacked.

In 2018, mid-December, the prominent media groups linked with ISIS announced their channels over RocketChat which is an open-source based messenger service that has been designed for businesses. Now, this platform is completely functional on both desktop and mobile devices. It came into existence back in the year 2015. It was then and today this platform has acquired more than 10 Million user base.

On the other hand, Nashir News Agency, a group for media dissemination with ISIS links urged the supporters to be a part of the app stating that if God allows, the media shall be published over RocketChat, way before it does on Telegram. Several other media groups also embraced RocketChat in a simultaneous pattern. While some provided the instructions to carry out terrorist attacks, others mirrored the content over ISIS Mother Channel-Telegram.

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