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Hugh Jackman Showed Brilliant Masterpiece Of Team Lab In Tokyo Japan

After keeping his claws apart, Australian actor and Wolverine fame “Hugh Jackman” has been seen in Tokyo showcasing brilliant masterpiece of Team lab “Starry sky” and seemed mesmerized after experiencing the artwork of Team lab.

Hugh Jackman is a huge fan of tech and always exploring new technologies as Japan is considered as a hidden treasure In terms of technology so he got a trip to Tokyo and
gain a new experience of holograms projections of the surroundings.

Team lab is an art design firm which creates many realistic designs which users can interact and experience their artwork. They specialize in objectify the nature with the help of their real dimensions technology, they depicting the reality with the holograms and other sources.

Hugh Jackman also recommends his fans to visit Tokyo and experience their majestic Artworks. He seemed very happy and astonished after strolling in the galaxies without a suit. It seems so unreal and could be a wonderful experience for the eyes as you can see Hugh seems so amazed in the video.

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