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Anil Kapoor Thanks Narendra Modi To Fight Piracy The Betterment Of Film Industry

Piracy is a serious concern for the media industry as it sabotages the efforts of developers and artists. In India its next to an ordinary burglary, movies getting leaked before the release or have their cam prints two days or later. But now there are some modifications in cinematograph act which lessen the terms of piracy to the low value.

As Bollywood Superstar “Anil Kapoor” thanked Prime Minister to bring the change in the policy. A decision took by the cabinet on 6th Feb 2019 as changes are implemented in the cinematograph act. The amendments took place in section 6A of the cinematograph act as it clearly states twitter

It simply means that a person is not allowed to have any kind of recording device in premises of filming sets or in theatres as cam prints were developed through the spy camera against the projection of the film. Violation of this act leads to punishable imprisonment of 3 years extending to 10 years or a heavy amount of fine of 10 lakh rupees.

Anil Kapoor also thanked him for the piracy act against the online content which emerges the functioning of protective measures for the increasing piracy in the nation, as Producers and sponsors getting a hefty loss after the leaked content.

This act took into the consideration and showed his colors before its regulation as a recent case of film “URI” leaked online for a demonstration to eradicate piracy in the nation, it’s file size accounted to 3Gb. But the twist in the tale is that it only featured its cast talking about piracy and gave a heavy blow to the thefts. Now, this law will improve the conditions of the industry and help Indian cinema to grow according to their contents.

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