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See How Marvel Is Celebrating Tom Hiddleston Aka Loki’s Birthday

Most of the cinephile are fond of Marvel Cinematic Universe and especially “Avengers”. Avengers is the most popular and awaited finale in the cinemas. It’s name is enough to build the hype as it’s a perfect storyline and characters are up to the mark. Series very first antagonist “Loki” who is loved by the fans and well appreciated in the record.

It is characterized by “Tom Hiddleston” a British superstar who been chosen perfectly by Marvels, so how can they forgot about him on his special day as they wished him on their personal social account.

With the Avengers has about come to an end with its last installment “Endgame” but Loki already neutralized by Titan “Thanos” who supervised as an antagonist in “Avengers Infinity War”. But Hiddleston has still his role on the cards, according to reports a piece of script demanded his role again may be in a cameo or anything. It didn’t disclose yet. But the role is not so over for him as he prepared for his role once again as “God of mischief” a series produced by Disney. No further details were confirmed about the series beyond its existence, and that Hiddleston will reprise his role from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He also confirmed this theory in his tweet last year.

Recently Tom dressed to impress in a pre-BAFTA party. The 37-year-old actor looked sharp in a navy blue suit which he got paired with a white shirt and perfectly nailed his outfit.

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