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Google CEO Sundar Pichai Reveals Launching Of Google Station Free Wifi In Philippines

Recently Google C.E.O “Sundar Pichai” has confirmed that a new working Google station has been installed in the Philippines that will bring free wifi internet access in 50 locations of the country. However, locations were not compromised yet but airports and railway stations are on their list to follow the procedure.

pichai gave a new gift to the citizens of Philippines (Filipinos) as the more users can enjoy free and non-interrupted internet connections in public places. This will be implemented until the end of Feb.

Google collaborated with its partners “smart and PLDT” to make this project work and to provide free internet in the country as they are the leading brands in the state.

PLDT Inc formerly known as the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company is the largest telecommunications and digital services company in the Philippines and the most known internet service provider.

So Google used a native company which could help them to establish their another station. Google station has widened its range in India, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria and now in the Philippines. Compared to other public Wi-Fi networks, Google Station uses another technology.

The expertise the use of smart, data-backed tools to choose where networks should live and how they should be designed. Google Station supports select access points from major vendors and industry-standard network architectures.

Google is so obsessed with the user experience. The Google Station web portal and app-based flows are easy to use, locally relevant, and help to maximize the number of users connecting to your network. They test and validate the experience with user experience and testing and then use cloud-based analytics to identify opportunities to fine-tune the experience.

Google has an option to avail the services of Google station verified through its organization. To get a Google station.

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