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Instagram Shows Sensitive Content On Titanic Star Leonardo Dicaprio’s Latest Post

The 44-year-old actor is always concerned about the natural habitat and came forward at many points to save mother nature with his specialized campaign. But now shark killing bothers the star as he to protest against the killing of sharks in the U.S. With the proper statistics he explained the demolition of sharks in the country. He added these details in his Instagram account to aware the citizens. He pointed out the fact that every year fins of about 73 million sharks traded.


For your information “Fin trading” is a practice when shark’s fins were chopped off and let their bodies remained in the ocean for bleed and death.

He also claimed that Shark finning is illegal in the states but still practiced throughout the year because it has a very high demand in the market. As a solution, he wants an immediate ban on this activity and arranged some measures to lower the possibility of Shark Finning. He launched a movement with a petition for the citizens and urging them to take part and tell their congress representatives to ban this activity immediately. Here is the petition you can sign:


Recently the iconic Duo “Leonardo Caprio and fame Director Martin Scorsese” working on a tv series project called “Devil in the White City”. Hulu is developing a series based on the book “The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America. It is written by “Erik Larson” in which story features true story of two men, an architect and a serial killer, with the leading characters Daniel H. Burnham, a brilliant and fastidious architect racing to mark his mark on the world and Henry H. Holmes, a handsome and cunning doctor who fashioned his own pharmaceutical “Murder Castle” on the fairgrounds.

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