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According To Some Concept Art’s Here Are Some Latest Avengers Endgame Theories

Marvel cinematic universe got all the hype as their masterpiece Avengers Endgame is away a few months. Here are some theories which every fan could agree:

1. Antagonist

It is believed that Thanos is not the main villain of the installment as real one shocked you down to your spine. It is believed that infinity stones are the real threat that’s why they been separated for a great cause as space stone hypnotized Loki in the first part.

2. Time Travel

Everyone knows that there is a time portal possibility in Endgame but the main reason is still a mystery. It is believed that Thanos will use time stone to revive his daughter Gamora and then Avengers will have an advantage over him.

3.Tony Stark Death

According to the co-current theories it’s been calculated that Tony Stark has to die 14 million times to defeat Thanos which Doctor strange saw in his scenarios.

4. Dead Avengers Are In Quantum Realm

Thanos snapped his finger and everyone disappeared and considered dead but according to theory, they are residing in soul stone for afterlife and spot of afterlife is believed to be Quantum Realm. So everyone who disappeared isn’t literally dead, but their souls are trapped and confined to this realm.

5. Doctor Arrange Blocked Hulk

It is believed that Doctor strange will be the savior Saving half of the avenger’s life as he prevents Banner from manipulating to Hulk to save his life.

Avengers: Endgame premieres in about two months from now, which gives us more than enough time to speculate on what will happen next with the saviors of the World.

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