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How Disney Fox Deal Affect The Future Of Marvel’s Avengers 4 Endgame And MCU

Finally, rumors washed down the drain as Fox- Disney deal happened and it is officially announced that The Walt Disney will acquire 21st Century Fox at a staggering amount of 71 billion dollars.

But what this deal bought in the industry as merger already became a matter of sensation within a few days. Following implications are on the priority after the collaboration.

  1. No effect on current MCU series

People got confused when they hear about MCU they took it as every single piece produced by Marvel but exactly this isn't. MCU compromises the storyline which revolves around their masterpiece “Avengers” so simply there is no effect of the merger on Avengers last installment “Endgame”.

2. Disney plus on the Cards

When Netflix became king in its platform, Disney decided to ruin the show and developing original content for the service, including live-action “Star Wars” and Marvel shows, as well as a “Monster’s Inc.” animated series and a “High School Musical” series. Disney ended a licensing deal with Netflix this year, and all of its theatrical releases, starting with”Captain Marvel” will wind up on Disney+ instead of Netflix.

3. Heavy loss for Consumers

This deal won’t directly raise existing costs to access Disney or Fox content in the near term, it also doesn’t provide any downward pressure on prices. This is all about increasing scale and more leverage. So simply the prices of streaming services will get a raise and consumers will not be happy about it.

Although Disney is aiming to position itself in a digitally driven media landscape, the company isn’t expected to abandon its roots. Simply you’ll still likely have to head to the theater to see its new releases. So movies Will available both on streaming services and cinema.

So Deal will shake the market, it’s already declared but we have to see what new things will bring upon by this merger. Will, it is a disaster or satisfactory for both producers and consumers, what’s going to happen doesn’t take much longer.

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