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Cadbury Oreo Customised For Final Season Of Game Of Thrones

Nowadays promotion is not limited to websites and social media, the traditional method still has an impact on the audience. Remember those days when you got free merchandise of your favorite shows like cups, toys, etc.

Game of Thrones final season is on the way as it already became a sensation in the whole world as what will happen in the end. But that’s not a matter of fact But Game of Thrones got a new way to promote their show with the help of Cadbury product Oreo.

Oreo is a major cookie product from the Cadbury and it has a huge base of consumption worldwide. But now the cookies have their latest design and have a massive makeover of the dragons carved on them.

So Oreo is not just a cookie with white cream now it’s become a signature for the epic finale this month. So grab your pack until it lasts

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