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Call Of Duty 2019, Is it Going To Be Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4: What we Know So Far

Last year Call of Duty ditched its style of play which is Single Player Campaign which doesn’t have any of it and it instantly made an impact in the world of Gaming. Call of Duty latest installment Black Ops 4 has only featured online mode which mostly dealt with Battle Royale segment game these days and it faced a lot of competition from the rivals Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG).

But now it is believed that Call of duty will be back to its basic style of modern games which we seen in previous series of Modern Warfare which featured a three game series to build a fantastic story and game came much closer to the records charts of highest selling.

Infinite Warfare was full of high tech weapons and the story revolves around the space time far away from the globe but the end plot has earth included in it . Later on Call of Duty World War 2 go to head to head with the Ea and Dice entertainment masterpiece Battlefield 1 with the story line  of ancient warfare of the age of world war.

Now Call of Duty will once again rise to the occasion as Infinity ward and Activision prepared themselves for their next action packed campaign. It is most probably be another Modern Warfare series or there’s a twist in tale that the company will revert to the incomplete story line of the popular series Call of Duty Ghosts and it is rumored that company would prefer Ghosts 2 over Modern Warfare series.

So nothing is confirmed yet until  a trailer or some glimpse of the game will come out in upcoming months until then its a rumor which could be true in some ways because there are no intentions of launching  Battle Royale segments by Call of duty.

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