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You Tube Picture-in-Picture mode rolled out for non-premium users: What We Know So Far

Music Geeks have only one desire  that their music can’t be interrupted in any way and Youtube is the most reliable sources of music worldwide and users prefer to listen on Youtube as for the video advantages of the platform.

But Youtube built with many limitations so a user can experiences lack of features if not logged on to premium accounts such as watching and listening music downsizing (minimizing) the app, feature called picture-in-picture mode which is only available for premium users. So picture-in-picture mode is the perfect remedy for the people who’ve been hurt by this problem of minimize and gone, but now its a sigh of relief for the non-premium users outside the U.S, Picture-in-Picture mode officially launched by Youtube but it is not officially launched yet and there is no confirmed release date yet.

The feature will show under the settings tab of the Youtube app and users could check for it in upcoming days that the feature is rolled out or not. This feature will be a revolution in terms of music as it will mostly act as a player.

For adding competition in music Youtube recently launched Youtube Music to compete against the brands like Spotify, Saavn, Apple Music and other premium music services in the market. This will make huge cuts in the subscription prices of the rival companies.

This feature is available on some premium ranged smartphones, users can make a small tip of the app by either splitting the screens or uses the picture-in-picture mode of the OS systems.

Sarthak Gaur
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