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Tributing Loved ones through Facebook. Here is the new feature of Facebook “Tribute”

We live in a virtually connected and an isolated place which is gradually  becoming emotion less or better said  “virtuallyemotionated ” .Using social media networking sites like Facebook, twitter ,Snap chat, Instagram the people express their emotions in varied ways be it happy or anger, be it a news of achievements or of a war .Facing the different hectic  virtues of daily work  in life seems exhausting . In between this Getting an notification of   birthdays  or of the past memories of our loved ones feels like a piece of ice on a summery day of life but,also the remembrance of loved ones who are not alive now also seems really hurt full for  the person who is not ready to take it.

Considering the importance of remembering the loved ones the Facebook launched a new feature to it named as ” tributes” .The social network said  that it is adding a “tributes” section to accounts that have been memorialized, that is, designated as belonging to someone who has died. Friends and family members will be able to write posts and share photos in this section to remember their loved one.

It will be working with the help of Artificial Technology to help find profiles of people who have died so their friends and family members won’t get, for instance, painful reminders about their birthdays.

The company made the changes in response to users’ experiences with seeing their loved ones’ profiles pop up on Facebook after they had died. Sometimes, the company said people might not be ready to memorialize a person’s profile immediately after their death — it can feel like a big step they are not ready to take thus the company is now introducing the ” tribute “.

The company with “tribute” is  hoping to minimize experiences that might be painful as,memorializing a profile can feel like a big step that not everyone is immediately ready to take. That’s why it’s so important that those closest to the deceased person can decide when to take that step.That’s why the  social networking site allowing only  friends and family members to request to have an account memorialized.

The company is  working to get better and faster at this aspect and hopes to keep Facebook a place of sharing and living  emotions & memories .

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