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Major Reveal Of Iron Man And Thanos From Avengers Endgame By Hasbro Toys (Major Spoilers Ahead)

Yesterday on  9th April Hasbro introduced a new toy which is on the shelfs of the shop, and it contains some major spoilers for the upcoming movie Avengers Endgame. So, if you do not want any spoilers then click away now.

Yesterday Hasbro released a new toy in the market. the toy is of a live size infinity gauntlet but it looks very different than the one Thanos wears. The Gauntlet looks like as it was made by Tony Stark (Iron Man), and this can be true, because the gauntlet is damaged after the snap and the stones cannot be used without the gauntlet. So, maybe Tony Start will use Vibranium to forge a new infinity Gauntlet because Vibranium is the strongest metal on Earth.

Image Source: reddit.com

Well we cannot say for sure who made the gauntlet or is this gauntlet even gonna be in the movie. But, in the past when Hasbro released a toys of all the Avengers wearing the same white costumes, we thought this is fake but in the second trailer we saw then them walk in the same white costumes. So, probably this toy of the infinity gauntlet is also gonna be in the movie.

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