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What Is Google Stadia? How It Is Going To Change The Gaming Industry Forever.

Stadia is a cloud based streaming service created by multinational company called google. Stadia lets players stream video games in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second through google’s numerous data center in US.

According to google, Player’s now do not need to own a PlayStation, Xbox, or a gaming laptop to play. Players just need a strong internet connection so that there is no issue while streaming a game. It is similar to Netflix, where instead of movies you stream video games. So, there is no need to download a game on your computer, you just need to stream the game on your PC, Television or even on your smartphone to play the game.

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Google is going to introduce this stream service in Fall 2019. When people use this service, they will not buy PlayStation or gaming laptop to play games now. So, this is going to hurt the sales of a lot of companies which are manufacturing gaming laptops and gaming consoles. This is the future of gaming industry and an end to buying expensive gaming consoles and gaming laptops. Google is really going to dominate the gaming market with Stadia.

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