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Amazon Photos! Is It Better Than Google Photos Or Not? Let’s Find Out

On 9th March, 2019 Amazon introduced its “Amazon Photos” which backs up all your photos and videos on the cloud. Google Photos also offers the same  service, So what differentiates the two? Let’s find out.

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So Amazon Photos is for those people who have a Amazon Prime membership, if you have the membership then you have unlimited storage with but if not, then Amazon provides you with 5 GB of free storage and if that fills up then you have to either remove a few things from your cloud or buy more storage. whereas, Google Photos does not require any membership and customer gets unlimited storage. Well Amazon Photos save your photos the way they are and will not change the resolution or compress the image in any sorts whereas google compresses your photos if you have taken unlimited storage and then photos do not stay in the same quality as they were before, if you want the same quality then you have to pay for it.

So basically there is not much difference between the two. Personally i feel that Google Photos is better than Amazon Photos but everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Amazon Photos has not yet been released in India but probably will be released in Mid 2019.

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