New Avengers Endgame Plot Leak! First 10 Mins Of Footage Shown To The Press. Here’s What It Reveals.


Last week Marvel Showed first 10 mins of the footage as a form of promotion to the press in California, they showed two scenes of Avengers Endgame to the press, and here is what we get to know from the footage.

So One of the scenes was the Avengers discussing on planning an attack on Thanos which we got to see a few days ago as we got that footage on youtube by Marvel Studios. The other scene was Tony Stark and Nebula riding The Milano playing a board game. It shows that they both are bonding over that game. Tony Stark was wounded by his fight with Thanos and now he has started healing thanks to Nebula’s skills. Tony Stark starts to craft his message to Pepper Potts who is on Earth and he still does not know if she is alive or not. He says, that he has been on the Milano since the last 22 days. So, we know that Avengers Endgame will start a Month after Avengers Infinity Wars. Tony Stark also mentions that they do not have a lot of food or water to survive and they have fuel to only make one jump in space and they do not know where to go, he also mentions that he is light years away from earth, and does not his way back home.

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So, we already know from the second trailer that Tony Stark and Nebula make it back to Earth, but we still do not know how will they make it back. We also know that Pepper Potts is still alive as she survives the snap.


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