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New Splinter Cell Is On the Cards confirms Ubisoft Ceo, Here’s What to expect

It’s been six years when Ubisoft launched his last installment of Splinter Cell which regarded as one of the best series produced by Ubisoft Studios. Ubisoft launched Splinter Cell: Blacklist to suspend the series and there is no information of other game until yet.

Recently Ubisoft CEO confirms that there is a chance of another splinter cell game in these upcoming years. Ubisoft mainly focuses on their multiplayer masterpiece Rainbow six: siege which is quite popular now a days and they’ve been patching the game since the release and conducts various online competitions within weeks.

But now something new comes up as he cleared all the rumors about another part of the splinter cell series. In an Ign podcast he added “When you create a game, you have to make sure you come with something different enough from what you did before,”

further he added “Now, there are some people looking at, ah, the brand, taking care of the brand,” Guillemot said. “So at some point, you will see something. I can’t say more than that.

So he clearly hinted that another game of the series is on the cards and something will come up for sure soon. This is not it there are rumors about the possibility of Watch Dogs 3 next year. So there will be a long time when we see Sam Fischer in action again, until then there is no much about the game and patches for the previous games.

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