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PUBG PC Lite Expected Release Date for Global Users, See What We Know So Far

Current gaming scenario is totally dependent on Multiplayer Games and the Battle Royale segment increasing rapidly in world of gaming. Games like Pubg and Fortnite are grabbing the market right now but Pubg is slight ahead of its rival.

Pubg is available in Android, IOS and Windows systems and PS4 , most of the population prefers mobile gaming but there are people who still like to play it on pc. Pubg pc is quite popular and its the only reason that the product is on paid basis whereas mobile version is available for free on the stores.

But Gamers got a trick up their sleeves by the production company “Tencent”, Emulator is available for the users who want to experience pubg but have low grade systems. Emulators have the gameplay of mobile and running through various emulators for the android.

Now the times are changing, pubg launched a lite version for some countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and many other. Only these countries allowed to play Pubg lite ,outside regions should use VPN to play Pubg lite until yet, but now the release date of Global release is expected to mid May.

The Date of release is not confirmed yet but it is expected to launch in Mid may. The main reason for the late release is the season pass 3 of the pubg pc, they do not want to launch the Game until its late for the season pass.

It is not discovered yet that version will be paid or not. There were lot of complaints regarding Emulator and controversies increased day by day of their usage. But now Pubg is going to launch lite version globally and maybe decided to scrap the emulator so that sections of Pubg Mobile and Emulator will be separated soon.

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