Samsung Galaxy S10 Features Out, Device Has a Strange Bug Check This Out


Every Company deals with their most awaiting product and  this is what exactly  Samsung  doing right now. Samsung masterpiece Galaxy S10 is on the cards and we finally got their new features of the new handset.


Samsung Galaxy S10 compromises with dynamic AMOLED  display and the In-display Camera using laser cutting technology but the main feature of the display is 100% Color Volume.

2. Security

The handset comes with in display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and finally Samsung have collaboration with FIDO alliance for enhancing the security with their bio metric measures. In simple words Vault features are fully secured and operated by user.

3. Camera

Samsung Galaxy S10 have a strong Camera which is capable of HDR10+ recording, simply videos can be recorded in 4K and also plays it in full detail. It’s Camera having a super slow motion feature which can create videos 960 fps.

4. Connectivity

Samsung Galaxy S10 is the first phone which has Wifi 6 technology which compromises the working of fast networking system. Device having the system of 2.0 LTE which clocked over 2.0 Gbps for your entertainment and enhancing the experience of the web.

5. Gaming

The main factor which affects the performance of the Device is Gaming and Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with 64 bit gaming support and optimized with Unity Game Engine and for sound it comes with Dolby Atmos Sound to make you one step ahead of others.

6. Wireless Charging 

Samsung S10 naturally comes out with an wireless charging feature that can charge your accessories quickly.

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So these are the features which are confirmed by Samsung but there is always a feature which lacks something much important for the consumers and it could be a real concern for the productivity. Face unlocking and Detection system of the S10 is not upto the mark and it has a very strange bug which cause much problem for the company.

Bug is so annoying that it could shake the whole market, Face detection of the device is compromised and phone could be unlocked through a picture in another phone and it could be a massive blow to the device.

This thread  is confirmed by Digtial Trends that phone could  unlocked through a picture which can be shown though another phone.

Check it out yourself :

So this could be a huge problem for Samsung to miss out on an very essential feature and there are reports it could be fixed in an cumulative update soon.


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