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This Is The Fight Of Our Lives! New Avengers Endgame Footage Breakdown.

On 11th April, 2019 Marvel released a new TV spot for its upcoming movie Avengers Endgame at 8:30 PM. There is some new footage in the TV spot we got today, so let’s break it down.

This new footage is 30 seconds long, as TV spots are not longer than 40 to 45 seconds because they are aired on TV as a form of promotion of the film. In this trailer most of the footage is similar to the previous trailers we got from Marvel. But there are some new scenes in this TV spot. We hear captain America’s voice in the background saying ” You know your teams, you know your missions”, he adds ” no mistakes, no do-overs”. At the end he says “this is the fight of our lives”. On this dialogue, Tony Stark gives Captain America a look, and Rocket Racoon add, “He’s good at this stuff” and Ant Man agrees with Rocket meaning, he is good at giving pep talks.

By the Dialogues it means, that The Avengers are gonna split into teams to carry out missions, and if they fail the mission then there are no do-overs which means, they need to succeed at every mission they pursue. This trailer reveals a lot and people cannot wait for the movie to come out.

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