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Alienware Area-51 M, Check Out This New Gaming Laptop

Alienware finally open his doors for the new Area-51 M and it is available in the market now. This is a Gaming monumental masterpiece which is not less efficient than any Gaming Desktop.

Key Speciations of Area 51 M

Type: Gaming 

Size of the Screen: 17.3 inch

Processor: intel octa core i9 9900k

Ram: 64 GB

GPU: Nvidia RTX 20 series GPU

OS: Microsoft Windows

So these are the main specs of the Laptop and other features are down below:-

3 separate drives which are speedyM 2 SSD’s and a larger hard drive

Area 51 M comes with a battery life of 1 and half hour

Screen with a refresh rate of 144hz and features like G-sync and Tobii eye tracking

Elaborate cooling which manage to keep CPU and GPU under 83°C

Bu the massive advantage of this laptop is that you can upgrade the parts like a tower pc. With the  up gradable schemes provided by the company to  initially upgrade the laptop with latest intel chips but there is no such improvement for the GPU as nvidia constantly focusing on upgrades within a month or two.

So if you are confuse to buy it or not you can see the advantages and disadvantages to decide the fate of this massive build.

Pros of the new Area 51M                                                                                  

  • Easy upgradeable laptop in the market yet
  • Containing Desktop components
  • New Alienware design
  • Ports are well placed
  • Screen size beating the competion
  • More storage  

Cons of the new Area 51M

  • Heavy
  • Low battery life
  • Problem with Touchpad
  • Price is bit high in compare to other Laptops

So this is the new Alienware Area 51M which is now available in the market and gave you a tremendous boost in Fps in games with its excellent range of components


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