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Marvel Supervillains Who Are Powerful Than Thanos, See Who are they

Marvel Cinematic Universe is a mixture of protagonist and antagonist where they tried to save the planet form their rage and destruction. But in current scenario Thanos is regarded as most powerful supervillain in MCU as he wiped out half of the universe in just a snap of his finger with the help of gauntlet of infinity stones but the fact that is he the strongest of all? Hell no there are characters which are way more powerful than him according to Marvel comics.

Lets check out who are these characters who are much powerful than thanos

1. Galactus

unlike thanos who has some values to wipe out half of the universe for the sake of humanity and for their survival but Galactus  is just the opposite of him and no moral values and has only eye for the destruction of the world.

source: Wikipedia

2. Mephisto 

He is an Demonic being who possess very unlikely magic powers like magical skills, shape shifts and even control the time. if you remember Ghost rider he is the one who is responsible for turning that simple man into a beast.

source: comicbook.com

3. Dormammu

The infamous villain of Doctor strange who posses the real time realm has so many powers and regarded as the rule of the dark dimension. Don’t fool yourself that Doctor strange defeated him, he didn’t he only made leave him the world alone using the power of the time stone.

Source: Wikipedia

4. Abraxas 

Last but not the least Abraxas is regarded as one of the most powerful supervillain in MCU. He is basically the epitome of destruction or destruction itself, he is also known as the creator of the worlds and he is so powerful that he defeated Galactus in a quick second.

Source: Marvel

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