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PewDiePie’s Videos Removed From Youtube After Delhi High Court Orders. Here’s What Happened

Delhi High Court orders Youtube to remove 2 PewDiePie’s videos from Youtube. Apparently those two videos were “Bitch Lasagna” and “congratulations” which he made against the indian music Youtube channel T-Series.

The fight between T-Series and PewDiePie has been going on for several months. As PewDiePie was the most subscribed channel on youtube with over 70 million subscribers and then T-Series came along to it because the 2nd highest most subscribed channel with 69 million followers. PewDiePie made a video called Bitch Lasagna in which he really degrades the Channel T-Series and India. Over this PewDiePie apologies to its fans for making such a video but when T-Series because most subscribed channel with 93,709,123 subscribers and PewDiePie left at 92,908,386 subscribers, he made another video called “congratulations” in which he does the same thing which he did in his earlier video.

PewDiePie in the video “Bitch Lasagna”

Image Source: thedialydot.com

On 8th April, 2019 The Delhi High Court ordered Youtube to remove those two videos from PewDiePie’s channel as those videos contained defamatory remarks against Indians and India. Currently PewDiePie has again taken a lead on T-Series and is now the Most Subscribed Channel with 93,908,608 subscribers.


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