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Death Note 2 Anime: Possibility Of Release, What we know so far

If you are a anime fanatic you’ve loved the Death Note which depicts a different storyline from other shows. The 37 episodes long story was released over 12 years ago and still has an immersive impact for the fans.

The plot of the show ended up with almost of the main characters dying. So there is no maximum probability that storyline will get a makeover.

But the real question here is that there will be another season or not, everything in the story against the possibility of a season comeback. Lead characters were died but there is a twist in a tale that Ryuk the shimigami beast is still alive and still posses the book which cause so much ttrouble.

In the end it is clear that Ryuk is still alive and left a hope for bringing lives to the story. From now  it totally depends on developers that they willing to continue the story or not.

There aren’t any reports about the possibility of season 2 of Death Note which make fans in a breakdown. But recently Netflix got a trick up to their sleeves and they are planning to bring sequel part of their original movie Death Note.

But the first part developed so many reactions among the fans and some of them demanding Death Note series  back to Manga and want to rule out the chances of human version of the series.

This is not it Netflix removed Death Note original series from its streaming in late 2018. The sole purpose is to maximize the popularity of its original movie Death Note which have so many loops in the plot .

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