Here Are Some Theories That Indicates Who Is Going To Be The Next Super Villain In MCU

MCU suprvillains

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has a vast network of Superheroes and Super villains that are inter related to each other at some point. But now Thanos is leading the command as a antagonist and succeed in his intentions of wiping out half of the world population in a quick snap of his fingers.

But the question is now that there will be a successor after Thanos who is rightful contender to be the badass in the MCU. We have some alternatives who can replace Thanos as the main villain of Marvels for some upcoming years.

Following are the Villain who’ve got only eye for destruction and to want to conquer this world by their evil powers.

The Celestials

The Celestials are in the perfect lineup to attain the position of Super Villain in the MCU as they were the one who forms human life as a experiment and the experiment got massively failed their standards and they ended the experiment. They are tipped to be the next big thing as they already a part of The Guardians of the Galaxy.

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The infamous villain of Doctor strange who posses the real time realm has so many powers and regarded as the rule of the dark dimension. Don’t fool yourself that Doctor strange defeated him, he didn’t he only made leave him the world alone using the power of the time stone. So We can see him be the next main man of the MCU as a villain.


Red Skull

Red skull went missing after the battle with Captain America and then come as a guardian of Soul stone and helped Thanos to retrieve him the gem and finished his job to get free from the curse. But there are many chances he will come back to earth and became a major threat for the heroes.

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Unlike thanos who has some values to wipe out half of the universe for the sake of humanity and for their survival but Galactus  is just the opposite of him and no moral values and has only eye for the destruction of the world. So this made him a opportunist to take the wheel of Super villain in next phase of MCU.

Source: CBR

So these are the possible villains who will take the throne of main antagonist in the MCU.


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