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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Preview: Inside The Episode, See in Detail

Winter has finally came and every Game of Thrones Fanatics on earth is on cloud nine today as first episode of the finale season has finally released. First episode has a predictable plot as it already labelled as a grand reunion of the Stark family and the allied forces.

Episode starts with arrival of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow back to Winterfell and get acquainted with Sansa and Arya stark and there were mixed emotions regarding their interaction. Jon Snow learnt to ride the dragon and the biggest suspense has been now finally revealed that Jon Snow came to know that he is not a Stark bastard but the true heir of Seven Kingdoms. His name revealed as Aegon Targaryen finally known to him and he got shocked after the fact that he is not among the Starks.

But like after every episode HBO released a preview of next episode to show a glimpse of what’s gonna happen in another episode. Watch it yourself:-

In the end of first episode it is shown that Jamie has arrived to the Winterfell and he had a strange look at Bran as he saw him crippled for which he is sole responsible for his condition.

In the preview of Second Episode Sansa and Daenerys are having their extended conversation regarding the alliance with Cersei and suggesting  each other to not to trust her.

Who cares about all these conversations as most of the fans are eagerly waiting for the Night king breached down the wall as Jon already been worried about buying the time to prevent the ongoing forces of white walkers towards them. Shall we see Night King again in action or at least someone’s demise which makes plot more interesting, we have to wait till next Sunday,until then watch the first episode if you haven’t watched it yet.

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