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GOT: The Most Expensive Tv Series Of All Time, Know How!

Virtually everything is shot in exotic locations, it costs a lot to make those dragons look realistic, baking cast into characters, and actors who weren’t household names in the show’s beginning certainly are now. Since when the GOT Season 1 was aired on 17th April 2011 the production budget was set to be $6 Million per episode, Season 2 got a number to $7 Million, with the introduction of the 6th season in 2016 HBO was shilling out average of $10 Million per episode. And now for the series’ upcoming final season, each episode is scheduled to cost around a whopping $15 Million.

Reports suggest season 8 of Game of Thrones cost HBO over $90 million (£69 million) – making the show the most expensive TV series of all time, even though season 8 has 6 episodes since its inception. With roughly $15 million (£11 million) to spend on each episode, it’s fair to expect dragons, direwolves and Night King-induced death unlike ever before. Where companies like Netflix are paying $10 million an episode to make The Crown and $8 million per episode for the second season of Stranger ThingsGame of Thrones has become big enough to be worth the extra expense.

With all the things aside, it’s a wait to see how the eighth and final season entice their viewers.

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