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Game Of Thrones Season 8, Episode 1 Breaks All Previous Records

After making the fans wait for almost two years, HBO’s Game Of Thrones is back in the business shattering all the previous records of the previous seasons. The first episode from the eight season aired on Sunday April 14 and ever since had became a topic for everyone to buzz around.

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In spite of the leaks and spoilers, the First Episode “Winterfell” from the HBO’s Fantasy Drama’s Eight Season has been seen by more than 17.4 Million people on the same night across multiple airings, making it the biggest telecast in history of HBO.

The channel on Monday stated “As a testament to the evolving video consumption habits of subscribers, the HBO NOW streaming service saw a jump of approximately 50% in viewing when compared to last season’s finale and nearly doubled (97%) when compared to the seventh season premiere. Yesterday accounts for largest night of streaming activity ever for HBO.”

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The previous record was held by the Season 7 finale episode which recorded massive 16.9 Million viewers two years ago.

The latest episode had everything the fans were waiting for but the disclosure of Jon Snow’s true parentage emerged as a huge talking point on Twitter with more than 5 Million tweets about the show being registered, making another record on the same day.

Will Episode 2 get the same massive humongous response and appreciation like Episode 1 by the audience and the critics ? The next episode of the eight season airs on Sunday 21 April on HBO in USA, till then have a look at the promo of episode 2 which was recently uploaded on Game Of Thrones official YouTube channel.

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