Put Your Data To Work And Create New Revenue Streams: Here’s How!


With Data intelligence enabled by SAP Leonardo in the cloud ,Put your data to work and create new revenue streams.

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Data intelligence connects, aggregates, and anonymizes your data to prepare it for commercial consumption. You can use your data on its own or supplement it with customer, partner, or third-party industry data – and create a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) revenue stream. We help you apply algorithms to your data and create a data insights service or data-driven app for your business and customers.

Benefits Of Putting Business Into Data Intelligence 

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New revenue streams

Monetizing your business data and offer DaaS or data insight services that reach new or existing customers in innovative ways.

Improved efficiency

Gaining new efficiency by embedding predictive models, simulation capabilities, and recommendation engines into your processes.

Enhanced customer experience

Using insights to improve the customer experience across marketing, sales, and service – and create customer-driven products.

Gaining value from Big Data with data commercialization

Data intelligence takes your data asset management efforts to a new level, drawing on SAP and third-party Big Data platforms to maximize the value of your data capital.

SAP Leonardo is a digital innovation system that supports rapid innovation and digital transformation. By combining technologies like machine learning, cloud, and Big Data analytics, SAP Leonardo makes data monetization possible.


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