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Disney Reveals The Details Of Disney+ Streaming Service At The Investors Conference

On 11th April 2019, Disney at an Investors conference revealed on how to use the Disney+ streaming service and how the display page is gonna looks when the users open it. This also explains how the streaming service is gonna give competition to its competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Disney is betting big on its 2019 streaming service called Disney Plus, and it started laying its cards on the table last week. In a three-hour event Thursday, Disney revealed the release date, price, shows, and movies planned for its Netflix competitor. ┬áThe company priced Disney Plus at $7 a month, half the cost of HBO Now and a big discount to Netflix. Much of the premium original programming planned for Disney Plus leans into the company’s big-budget franchises like Marvel and Star Wars. Some shows like the live-action, big-budget The Mandalorian have completed filming and will be available at launch. Other Marvel spinoffs, like a show based on Avengers character Loki and WandaVision featuring Scarlet Witch and Vision, will debut in the second year.

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So is the Disney Plus streaming service worth paying for? The details that we know so far are below, but basically, If you’re a parent or you love Star Wars or Marvel Movies, you may find yourself considering yet another subscription before the year is out.


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