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Rhodey Makes Fun Of Ant Man In The New Avengers Endgame TV Spot

Only 10 days left for the release of Marvel’s Avengers Endgame, which is releasing on 26th April 2019. Marvel is releasing a new TV spot every day and we are getting new footage in every single TV Spot.

In this new footage, we see Pepper standing with all the Avengers looking up in the sky, probably waiting for Tony and Nebula to return. We even get a new look at Hawkeye’s Ronan. This time we even see Ronan fight with someone with his sword instead of his Bow and Arrow, which means he has gone full Ronan and isn’t gonna fight in his Hawkeye attire. We s also see Rhodey in his new Warmachine Armor land in front of Antman and when he lands, it scares Antman and he Says to him “what’s up regular size man”. This was a reference to Captain America Civil War when Ant-Man turned into Gaint Man and grabs Rhodey and throws him away.

Only 10 days left for Avengers Endgame to hit the theatres and we are getting new footage for the film every day. Tickets have gonna live and Endgame has already started earning for that. People cannot wait to see what the movie is gonna bring to us.

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