The Evil Version Of Superman Everyone Wanted To See! Brightburn


What if a child from another planet crash lands on Earth in a spaceship, but instead of being a beacon of hope to the world the child turns out to be evil. How would you stop him even knowing that he cannot be killed? James Gunn produces his first Horror Film which is a rip-off for the evil version of Superman.

The storyline is similar to DC’s character Superman. A kid from outer space crash land on Earth in someone’s farm, the couple decides to adopt the kid as he is just a little baby. When the kid is growing up, he and his parents start to realize that the kid is different from other kids. The kid is stronger than every living person on Earth, cannot get hurt, has heat vision, and can even fly. But instead of helping people around, the kid becomes evil due to his insecurities that he is different from other kids. The kid starts killing people around and people have to come up with a way to stop him, otherwise, they won’t survive.

This is somewhat an evil version of Superman, which every DC fan wanted to see. Everyone had one question in mind that “What if Superman was Evil?”. The wait is over, now as we get to see the evil side of a person who has unlimited power. This movie is set to release on the Memorial day of US which is 27th May 2019. This is not a DC movie but is based on a similar genre.


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