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Destiny 2 Forsaken: Character Transfer Could Be On Cross Platform, See Details

Finally the tie up between Bungie and Activision been broken and Bungie have a sole right to their merger “Destiny” and Destiny 2.” 

But that’s not the deal which concerns the users, but  the center of attention will be the new system that will emerge in Destiny 2: Forsaken. Company is planning to have a cross platform exchange system of the characters and want to pull out the miracle with this step.

Cross platform character transfer tends to create a interface between console users and pc users mostly Playstation users and Pc users wil benefit from this step.

But there is always a twist in a tale that which becomes a obstacle in the major steps leading by the company. When everything is in the motion for Bungie and they took thi game a one level higher then the console producer Sony ruled out this move and disagree with this move of Bungie.

They are also expected Bungie to stop this project immediately as they are believing in special treatment for the playstation users. They don’t want to this happen, they think that the game will be screwed up if this step came into the effect.

Cross platform gaming is a major problem for most of the Games producing companies and there are many reasons they avoid the possibility of a cross platform feature in the games. Especially in shooting games where keyboard and mouse always have a upper hand in gaming than a console controller so it’s pretty obvious that company don’t want to ruin the fun of console gamers.

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