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World OF Warcraft Will Set To Introduce New Modes, See What’s Special In This Update

World of Warcraft recently confirmed that they will soon roll out another update which is called “Rise of Azshara“. The update is mainly focused on mounting abilities extended throughout the update.

Blizzard  Entertainment has gave some details about the mounting abilities and this is only a assumption that they will introduce these features or not but the details are here:

  • A seat that prevents your mount from kicking you off after receiving damage
  • A parachute that prevents you from taking damage when jumping from high places
  • Shoes that will  allow your mount to walk on water
  • Those who struck into Water strides, new mounts will emerge with new equipment system

But the biggest role on the dice is World of Warcraft will have major changes in the combat system, yes you’ve heard it right there will be some major changes in Gameplay system. World of Warcraft will set to introduce Player Vs Player Combat but the process will take time as there are some disadvantages of this system as there is no kill reward system and it’s only for adding thrill in the game.

World Of Warcraft majorly hit the update in few weeks as expectations are high for the users. The update also features the 8-Boss raid and The Robodrome will introduce which is a gnome-themed Arena, it will move into the competitive Player Vs Player scene too.

We will learn more when the Beta test will be live on the servers of World of Warcraft and there is no confirmed release date yet for the update.


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