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World War Z Crashes The Day It Was Launched On PlayStation, X-Box, and PC

Talk about a bad first response, The video game adaptation of the 2013 Zombie Movie World War Z  has unfortunate launch day problems which were severely crippling the experience for players. In today’s gaming landscape, it’s almost a given that a multiplayer-focused video game will have issues once the servers go online and the players get their hands on the game in the wild. However, World War Z is a particularly extreme offender, with multiple bugs essentially ruining the experience for many would-be fans.

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Following the game’s launch today, April 16, players across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC have reported numerous issues with the co-op zombie shooter. Perhaps the most upsetting issue can be found on the PC version, for which many players report the game crashing to the desktop before even reaching the main menu screen. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions aren’t faring much better. Players simply could not connect to the multiplayer servers, effectively blocking off the core gameplay appeal of World War Z Online Co-op. The main menu screens were constantly bombarded with “unable to connect” messages. Worst of all, people were unable to complete the second chapter of the New York episode upon reaching the end of the level, the game hangs and then returns to the main menu with a “disconnected” message.

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Unfortunately, players eager to jump into World War Z have little choice but to wait and see how developer Saber Interactive addresses these connectivity issues. Hopefully, the issues are entirely related to online servers, which can be fixed without the assistance of a game-altering patch.


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