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4 Reasons Why DC Has Been Failing To Beat Marvel In The Extended Universe War

Ever since Marvel started its cinematic universe, DC has been trying to extend its cinematic universe and surpass Marvel in every possible way it can. Despite being at the front in the T.V. Series race, DC has enormously failed to provide a neck to neck competition to Marvel in terms of storytelling and worldwide box office collections.

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Here are 4 reasons why DC has been failing to beat Marvel in the cinematic universe war:

1. Intense Storytelling

From the very start of MCU i.e. Iron Man(2008), Marvel has conceptually focused on a light-hearted and a storytelling format dipped with the humorous touch which is suitable for all age groups, while DC rather focused on a dark, the mature and serious format of storytelling. It lacks the light-hearted humor that the young audience widely searches for in a superhero film.

2. The Big Names

Contrasting the big names factor, DCEU was coming off from Nolan’s critically and publically acclaimed “The Dark Knight Trilogy”. According to the sources, Henry Cavill was paid $14 Million for his role in Man Of Steel(2013), while Robert Downey Jr was paid a handsome $500,000 for his role in Iron Man(2008) which was later increased to $10 Million during Iron Man 3. The problem with DC was it depended on big names from the very start of its universe while Marvel never relied on big names, rather it established the characters and depended more on their contracted talents.

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3. The Time Factor

The MCU kick-started with the release of Iron Man in 2008. Avengers was released in 2012, the four year period in between introduced us to four different films from MCU which initially gave us a time to get familiar with the faces when they teamed up in The Avengers, and when the Avengers assembled in 2012, we knew what is actually happening. Comparing this to DC, DC initially started extending its universe with the release of Man Of Steel(2013). Justice League was released in 2017, between 2013 and 2017, DC released three movies including Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad and Wonder Women. Justice League came only after three movies which made the condition worse as the audience was not familiar enough with the characters which teamed up especially Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg.  An assembled movie with characters not much familiar to the audience is a disaster at its own.

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4. Relatable Characters

The characters in DCEU are not relatable in real life as compared to Marvel. The characters in DCEU are always labeled as a superhero more than a normal human being, while the characters in MCU are more of like with whom you can share a cab. Most of the DC characters were created in the era before World War II when people relied more upon fantasy rather than science. Which makes sense why most of the DC superheroes have mystical powers which are less designated to science. While Marvel has characters which have powers due to failed scientific experiments or self-invented technologies which are more trustworthy in today’s world.

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Summing up the all, DCEU had a great start with its initial Man Of Steel in 2013, the comic legend rushed immensely to compete and move ahead of Marvel which resulted in major wrong decisions leading the DCEU crash before setting off properly.

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