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5 Most Expensive TV Shows That Are Worth Watching!

Since when TV shows and series started delivering entertainment to people there started a clash of producing the best and satisfying viewers. The much bigger set, high cost of production, high paying to cast and post production team, that all needs a big budget and big team.

Here are the shows that are topping the list in the most expensive shows ever made :

5. The Big Bang Theory

The show has the same budget — $10 million per episode last season — as “The Big Bang Theory,” which had 19 million viewers on average last year, according to Nielsen data, which measures TV and DVR viewing within seven days of airing (a different measurement than HBO’s).

4. Friends

Budget: $10 million per episode By the end of its run, friends had become a generation-defining show—and its cast knew it. All six of the series’ main stars were making north of $1 million per episode in the final seasons, and while NBC tried to keep shooting costs to a minimum, it still added up to about $10 million per episode.

Image Source- tvinsider.com

3. Band Of Brothers

Budget: $12.5 million per episode. It’s probably not surprising to anyone who has ever seen Band Of Brothers, HBO’s 2001 miniseries about “Easy Company” of the 101st Airborne Division during World War II, that it was insanely expensive to make.

Image Source- Mental Floss

2. The Crown

Budget: $13 million per episode. With a large cast and lavish production values, the Netflix drama tots up a frankly regal $13 million (£9.74 million) per episode. Series Based on Queen Elizabeth2 life is worth watching.

Image Source- Film Daily

1. Game Of Thrones

Budget: $15 million per episode Virtually everything is shot in exotic locations, it costs a lot to make those dragons look realistic, and actors who weren’t household names in the show’s beginning certainly are now (and command a higher salary because of it). Game of Thrones is the most watched TV series and has a huge fanbase.

Image Source- HBO

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