Apple TV, Disney Plus, Or Netflix, Who Will Lead The Video Streaming Market. Here’s What Analysis Says

Image Source- Ars Technica

With the growing demand of entertainment in the industry there’s a rush to prove themselves best among leading brands of video streaming App. And that rush is making companies give any statement without being practical for the power of rivals.

Less than a month ago, Apple put on a splashy event to reveal its subscription streaming service, Apple TV Plus. It christened the service with a name, paraded high-wattage stars through the Steve Jobs Theater, and CEO Tim Cook got to hug Oprah Winfrey. But Apple didn’t touch the kind of details consumers crave: no price, no launch date beyond “this fall,” and just a smattering of new details about programming.

Image Source- Ars Technica

Then last week, Disney held an unveiling for Disney Plus, and its executives came out swinging. Launch date? Nov. 12. Trailers? No problem, they brought plenty. Price? An unexpectedly low $7 a month.

Image Source- Walt Disney

“Everyone wants to talk about Disney Plus as a Netflix killer,” BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield said in a note. “Increasingly, Netflix feels like basic cable for the streaming world, with services such as Disney Plus becoming add-ons like HBO has been historically.”

Recently on 16 April a Controversial statement was launched by Netflix That Neither of the new rivals will “materially affect our growth, “it doesn’t see much threat from two upcoming competitors, Apple TV+ and Disney+, each launching towards the end of 2019. The on-demand market has room for multiple companies, it argued, and Netflix’s content is sufficiently unique. A Netflix spokesman said only, “Great competitors make for great consumer experiences.”

Getting onto conclusion there’s a phrase ‘Never Underestimate Your Rivals’, and Netflix is currently doing that without knowing the power of Apple,(Worlds biggest brand) and, Disney plus has access to all the famous shows on Netflix, which he would take back after it’s launch.Here’s to see would be dominating in future and who would lead the market.


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