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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Dub Episode 106: Everything That Happened And Review

Despite having an unsatisfying climax, Dragon Ball Super episode 106 ended with a pretty fun and thrilling ride. The latest episode from the Japanese anime handed the Universe 7 an invisible sniper to deal with. As seen in the last episode, Universe 7 had a bit of scare as Krillin and Goku feared that Master Roshi died. Well in the latest episode, it turns out that he is okay though he gave out a lot of his energy and now needs rest to continue competing in the tournament further.

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  1. The latest episode starts with Gohan and Piccola as they compete with a character named Dr. Rota from Universe 6, who is soon annihilated and knocked down getting purely unconscious as a laser strikes at him from behind. Piccola somehow figures out that someone is sniping secretly from afar.
  2. Piccola and Gohan dodge the lasers but are still confused about the location of the sniper. As Piccola and Gohan move to a safer area, a laser shoots off Piccola’s one arm, however, he being a Namekian grows it back.
  3. Piccola realizes some magenta colored jewels spying on them so he heats up the debris to confuse the invading sniper. Though the plan fails as the sniper spams a blast around the arena.
  4. At this time in the episode, a fat magenta colored character ‘Prum’ i.e the one reflecting sniper lasers is pointed out by Goku and Vegeta. They confront him by blasting at him but their attack fails as the character has an ability to reflect their own attacks.

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  5. Tien, Goku, and Vegeta come across the area of the sniper and are soon pinned down.
  6. Further, Piccola and Gohan firing Ki blast to the nearby rocks to heat up the arena, the sniper gets angry and sends lasers brutally flying into the arena. Goku meanwhile, figures out that the sniper is a Universe 2 enemy firing and reflecting the shots.
  7. Tien then splits himself into his own multiple clones and directs them to locate Hermila.
  8. Tien finally, locates Hermilla and blast him through a Ki blast. Hermilla is on his knees and looks severely beaten. Tein prepares himself for the final blast but Hermilla flies and shots the ground resulting in Tien falling off the stage.
  9. As Hermilla tries to flee, the clones catch him and drag him down.
  10. Prum, the one reflecting the lasers from a while tries to run away but is pinned down by Dr. Rota before Vegeta strikes and pins down the both again.

Overall, episode 106 was quite a serious one, it started off well with a strong kickoff featuring Gohan and Piccola, who share a special bond and the duo is overwhelming to watch on the screens. Though the episode lacked the authentic humor it is often known for, it was nonetheless a great episode which introduced the snipers for the first time in the Dragon Ball Super.

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