First 3D Heart: Will It Be The Future Of Heart Transplant?


Ever imagined the transplants of the heart with the use of 3D Technology.The researchers at Tel Aviv University ,Israel successfully replicated the first 3D heart.It is made with the real human tissues.It is the first of it’s Kind.

The 3D heart is of the size of a rabbit’s heart that is about 2.5 centimeters .

“It’s completely biocompatible and matches the patient,” reducing the chances of rejection inside the body, said Tal Dvir, the professor who directed the project.

Researchers took fatty tissue from a patient, then separated it into cellular and non-cellular components. The cells were then “reprogrammed” to become stem cells, which turned into heart cells. The non-cellular materials were turned into a gel that served as the bio-ink for printing, Dvir explained.

The technology behind it is the Bio-ink which are the filaments of bio printers.It is used to produce engineered live tissue using 3D technology .It can be composed  by carrier material that envelops the cell is also added .This carrier material is usually a bio polymer gel ,which acts as molecular scaffold .

A press release said “Patients will no longer have to wait for transplants or take medications to prevent their rejection,”. “Instead, the needed organs will be printed, fully personalized for every patient.”

The heart is yet though not functional.The scientist even though hope for it to be the better alternative for the transplant.Then it will surely can be the solution of all those transplants in which which seemed impossible today.


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